Patient Education Movies

At Sheremata & Kovacik Dental, we feel it is all about communication & education!

It is our passion and goal to communicate the benefits of a great smile and good dental health via whatever medium is going to reach the most people.

At Sheremata & Kovacik Dental, we have access to a tremendous patient resource called “Optio Dentistry”. Optio Dentistry professionally produces short ‘movies’ that are geared towards patient education in regards to various dental techniques and procedures.

Included in the series of over 80 movies that Optio Dentistry has produced are movies focused on all aspects of Dentistry. Besides having movies strategically placed throughout our website, we have dedicated pages to the complete listing of all available movies that Optio Dentistry has to offer.

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From all of us here at Sheremata & Kovacik Dental,
we hope that you enjoy them!

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