Patient Health & Safety Procedures

Sterilization Area

At Sheremata & Kovacik Dental, we are proud of our sterilization and infection control procedures. We take them seriously to guarantee that your health and safety are protected in our office.

In light of the ever-increasing number of contagious diseases in the news today, many of our patients have questions about our sterilization practices. To maintain proper sterilization and infection control procedures in our office, we follow a very strict Infection Control Protocol for each one of our patients. The following are some of the equipment and practices we employ to ensure your safety:

  1. Autoclave (pressurized steam): All dental instruments and handpieces (drills) are sterilized in a high-pressure steam autoclave after each use. This process is the current standard of care. Our computerized autoclave warns us in the event of an incomplete sterilization cycle, and we have protocols in place to correct such issues immediately. As an added precaution, we also use an external biological indicator test to ensure that our autoclave is functioning properly and producing sterile instruments.
  2. Surface Decontamination: All surfaces including counter tops, dental chairs, light handles, and control buttons are disinfected with chemical solutions before and after every patient. These solutions are not only formulated to eliminate infectious bacteria and viruses that could otherwise proliferate on these surfaces, but the chemicals themselves also pose no health threat to our patients or staff.
  3. Disposable Items: Many of the items we use are discarded after a single use. These items include saliva ejector tips, high speed suction tips, rubber cleaning cups, patient bibs, tray covers, sterilization bags, mixing pads, mixing tips, anesthetic carpules, and needle tips, among others. Gloves and masks are also discarded after each use.

If you have any questions about any of our health and safety procedures,
please do not hesitate to ask us at your next visit.

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